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Oanda Trading

Brand Messaging • Information Architecture • UX/UI Design • Development


Oanda is a Forex trading platform. Trading platforms are possibly some of the most complicated web applications out there. Given the amount of data and security required, functionality was going to be a challenge alone.

They needed vast functionality to be simple to use and reliable to keep their brand as a trustworthy source for wealth creation. It also needed to appeal to veteran traders as well as beginners.

This meant their design needed to be clean for all their customers.



With the Creative Brand Workshop Oanda has been able to update brand assets for a fast-paced era. From here we knew exactly what the value was and how to deliver it visually and in messaging.

They considered two designs at different stages to consistently refine strategy at each milestone. This process consisted of wireframes and clickable prototypes to ensure a cooperative process with plenty of opportunities to give feedback.





Oanda has been a trading platform since 2001 and now has a modern brand image. Despite the update, they haven’t lost any of the legacies they’ve built over those years. And a massive project with several moving parts has been organized into a simple to use solution.

We always enjoy working with Oanda, as do other companies like Google, Airbnb, and Twitter. It continues to grow as a trusted Forex platform. And we continue to offer our support.

Check them out.

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