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Circ Earth

Brand Messaging • UX/UI Design • Web Design • Web Development


The folks at Circ Threading were a blast to work with. Their unique company posed a difficult challenge to be futuristic, organic, and communicate a powerful message about tackling climate change.

They had a strong vision for how to help the planet and wanted a digital presence to inspire others around their vision. To do so, they would need an intuitive brand.

That’s exactly what we did for them.



They had ideas and themes– circular rotations, winding back time, a vision for the future. Such complex themes require a lot of preplanning to organize into a digestible user experience.

With the help of the Creative Brand Workshop, they were able to create a clear roadmap to success.

Investing in the time to develop motion and brand messaging was key. Since there are so many different components, considering each round of revision was important to keep the project on time, without sacrificing quality.


The outcome is a website with lots of movement, clear bold messaging, and a clean user experience. All elements are customized for every device too so your messaging always stays clear.

We’re proud to work with a company that has attracted partners with such brands as Patagonia, Fashion for Good, and Marubeni.

Check out their brand to see what’s possible.

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