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Developing mobile applications for different platforms is often daunting, expensive and time-consuming. At FP, we’ve taken a step ahead to make mobile app design an easy, enjoyable, and affordable process.

Using the Ionic framework for developing hybrid apps, as well as Native iOS and Android applications, designed specific for each platform.

The ionic framework is a very powerful HTML5 framework that combines the features of native apps with web apps using web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. FP experienced mobile apps designers are experts in the use of HTML 5, JavaScript, Angular JS, CSS and other technologies to develop ionic framework apps. Hence, we deliver ionic apps with native interfaces and performance.


With a combination of ionic framework and other groundbreaking technologies including mobile SDK, UI library, side menu, touch, etc., FP creates hybrid apps that offer great interaction with web services in the back end, while providing other features such as scalability and high performance. Hybrid apps design using ionic framework helps us to effectively customize the look and feel of your app giving it an appealing and attractive look.


At FP, our UI/UX specialist also ensures your app’s design is consistent with your brand. With our team of ionic app design experts, FP will provide you the very best of ionic framework-built hybrid apps possible.


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