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FP offers you hybrid app development services using the ionic framework to transform your ideas into reality. Ionic apps are written using JavaScript, HTML 5 and CSS while utilizing the features of AngularJS and SASS to create intuitive and user-friendly apps.

There’s an app for almost everything, from ride sharing to dating. To make yours stand out, it must be unique and appealing to your target audience. An Ionic app is the best way to make this happen.



With an ionic app, you can enjoy these benefits.


Cross-platform performance

Hybrid app development using the ionic framework is the right choice to develop an easy-to-use, streamlined app that works efficiently on iOS, Android, and windows. With native applications, you will have to create separate apps for individual platforms, which is very time-consuming.


User interface

Hybrid apps were often ignored because of their poor interfaces. However, with the use of CSS and JavaScript, hybrid apps have become extremely appealing with menus, shape inputs, routes, sliding boxes, vibrant colors, buttons, and other features. Your app can have these features too and FP can help.


Cordova plugins

Hybrid app development gives an enhanced performance by combining the features of web apps and native apps. With the use of Cordova plugins, your ionic hybrid app optimizes performance by providing access to battery, camera, call logs, GPS, and others.


Angular JS based

Angular JS offers incredible functionalities to us to integrate exciting and useful features into your app.


Decreased cost

Ionic hybrid app development can save you a great deal of money. Compared to native applications, where you develop separates apps for Android and iOS, ionic app design works excellently on all platforms. Also, we can use the code used for your mobile app to develop your web application.

With a sky-high commitment and dedication to offer you the best services, from consultation to post-delivery support, FP can help you achieve your goals.


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