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Teddy Pantelis

Branding • Information Architecture • UX/UI Design • Development


Teddy isn’t like other personal trainers or athletic coaches.

He’s a nutrition coach, custom workout trainer, and mental motivator for his clients to reach their full potential.

When he came to us, he needed his site to be elevated in order to speak to a more committed market.

Here’s the great news: that’s our specialty at Fermented Pixels.


We positioned satisfied testimonials of Teddy’s proteges with pictures of the results.

The color scheme is a classic black and red to keep a level of familiarity.

We also believe in incorporating movement into websites to increase the level of engagement for users.

Instead of creating a generic About Page, we went with a fun Q&A since his customers need interesting insights to his personality.


The end solution speaks for itself, Teddy has seen an increase of more qualified leads.

Load times and functional optimizations are keeping visitors on his site longer.

And as his services grow, so to can his website.

We’re looking forward to working with Teddy some more!

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