Okay, I’ll admit that I most probably haven’t seen your company website and I shouldn’t conclude it sucks until I see it. But believe me when I tell you that I’ve seen enough company websites, and too many of them hold zero appeal. So, I’ve come to the unscientific albeit usually correct conclusion that the average company website out there sucks! I get mad when I visit a company’s website and it feels as though I just took a time travel back to the 90s. It appears many companies still do not know the value of a modern, functional website and the magic it could do on their ROI. Well, I am here to help you and I think it’s a good idea to share the 8 top reasons why your company website sucks.


1. You make people think

Even if your website was built for the Sherlock Holmes and Albert Einsteins of this world, it shouldn’t be difficult to navigate. However, many companies give their visitors an unwanted headache. The website lacks an organized structure and people have to figure out how to get to where they are going. Remember you’re definitely not the only one in your niche. If you continually make your visitors feel as though they are in a maze, they won’t hesitate to wake up from the bad dream. Bottom line is that your website should be optimized to enhance user experience. You should have straightforward calls to action and the navigational pathways should be defined.


2. Who the hell are you?

If your company website cannot answer this question within 5 seconds, you might seriously consider closing it down. Internet users are not famous for their patience. If you need any evidence, you could open your analytics page and see the short time they spend on your web pages. You’ll need to tell them what you are about and what you need from them as soon as they land on your website. Strategic communication of brand messaging can be achieved through a professional placement of images and concise texts. Flooding your Home Page or any other page at that with texts is never a good idea. You can be sure no one would read it.


3. Your website is cold

Every website owner hopes to attract visitors to the website. And your target audience would comprise people who already have enough going on in their lives. It is your duty to make your website receptive and welcoming. If your website is filled with confusing codes or texts, it becomes incapable of drawing people in. Images are the shortest way of connecting with people and your website should harness their power. Use texts when absolutely necessary while using an attractive font and keeping it short.


4. You’re using a template!

Using a template to build a business website in this age is an unforgivable offense. If a web designer built it for you, you should ask for a refund ASAP. And if it’s a DIY operation, a cold shower every morning for the next 6 months would be fair enough. Your business website should have its own soul. It should communicate your branding message in a unique way. But how do you do that when you used the same template a thousand and one other businesses use? If you want to be taken as a serious business in 2018, you need to stand on your own. Thankfully, designing your website from the scratch doesn’t cost a fortune.


5. Your website is lost at sea

Not all Robinson Crusoe stories would have a happy ending. The internet is a conglomeration of numerous haystacks and your website is but a needle. However, you can help yourself by tying a red ribbon to that needle and putting it at the top of the haystack. People that are looking into that haystack would at least find it much easier to locate. This is a simple explanation of what SEO does to your website. If you have never paid any attention to optimizing your website for search engine queries, you cannot realize the full joy of having a business website.


6. You can’t remember your last update

The world has never moved at a faster pace. Just imagine how often your Android apps churn out updates. Why do you still think your business website should stay as it was? Even if you seem to be on top of your game, you’re losing a huge opportunity to get better if you’ll need to draw up the company’s financial statements before you can remember the last time your website was updated. You are at risk of a myriad of security and functionality issues if your company’s website is outdated.


7. Your website screams Me! Me! Me!

Some websites do a fine job of presenting the company’s branding message and objectives but that’s about all they do. When creating a company website, you should have your target audience in mind, just as much as the company. The design and functionality should engage and cater to potential clients. A failure would do this means your website would suck at converting visitors into leads. And what’s the point of your investment if you can’t achieve this?


8. You need a mechanic to fill your gas tank

Gone are the early days of the internet, when you’ll need a developer to add any kind of content to your website. Website administrators like WordPress have made life much easier. You no longer need a programmer to correct a typo or handle an image swap. If you still find any of these simple tasks difficult, you should close down your website since you’re still stuck in the days of Yellow Pages.



Your company website creates the first impression of your business. You won’t be around to correct that impression. Heck, no visitor would care enough to even tell you how bad your website is. If your website is affected by any of the points listed above, you really should take action by inviting a professional website designer to have a look at it. You’ll be amazed at how much more your business can make when you have a top-notch website.

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