The exponential growth of the social structure and world view has encompassed the entire human race.  Within a couple of years we have seen a great paradigm shift in the general consciousness of people. Where changes of such magnitude were an occurrence once a millennia, now they are happening every other month.


The rate of advancement we are making now is greater than it has ever been and it shows no signs of stopping. With new inventions, newer ideas and modification of previous models to get better and greater results, happening around us, it is of the greatest importance that we do not let ourselves be left behind.


In this rapid, fast moving world there is one thing that is not lacking, and that is the great number of opportunities. Where the world was straight and linear in its thinking and business style only a few years ago, now it has opened its horizons and expanded into multiple, uncountable directions. With new industries, ideas, marketing schemes making their way to the general consumer.


Setting up a business and becoming a successful entrepreneur is not that big of a challenge that it once was. Now the resources are here, all you need is to wrack up your brain and come up with an idea you can stand by. Because no proper venture can be successful without proper perseverance. That means being strong in your heart and mind, standing rock solid against all odds.


The great thing about the 21st century is the free market, where no one is restricted to do one type of work or the other. Sometimes, you may not find the right track for which you want to go. The work you’re doing is not satisfying enough and it just seems like a drag to continue working. This means that your ideals are not in line with your actions and you are just walking down a path that is not meant for you. Working is supposed to be fun and interactive, rather than being overbearing. The answer to the listlessness you feel is to go and find your true meaning and align your actions with it. Only then can you feel a sense of accomplishment in what you are doing.


Utilizing the idea of free market, we can fester the ideas in the back of our minds. We at Fermented Pixels are focused to help you get the best out of your ideas. To make them better and grander than anything that you ever imagined them to be. The trick in this game is “to always dream big” and no one does it better than us.


We may have been given an idea that the free market is cold and dark place where only the ruthless survive, but that is not true. The true essence of business is in helping each other and sticking to the right morals through and through. All other models that imply deceit and underhanded maneuvers are just short term solutions to getting money. These business models are doomed to collapse on their own system.


Sometimes the question arises that what is entrepreneurship? In 1975, Harvard professor Howard Stevenson defined entrepreneurship as “the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.” “Resources currently controlled” can be interpreted as limited resources. That means wanting to achieve something regardless of how you are now. It is the embodiment of your goals and your very soul itself.


The next step is keeping in mind a code, this code will be the backbone of how you run your business. It will reflect on who you are, and in turn what your business is. It is a great thing that you can keep looking back to as you make your way forward. Many people fall prey to the dark side of capitalism, giving away their code to get more monetary benefits. However, we do not believe in such a system, we believe it against human nature and we abandon our humanity if we go down that path. A handy example on what your code could be is the U.S. Army Warrior Ethos which states:

  • I will always place the mission first;
  • I will never accept defeat;
  • I will never quit; and
  • I will never leave a fallen comrade


The working ethic of an entrepreneur is that they never stop their forward march, but without the proper ethics and morals it is pointless in the end.


When you are setting a goal for your company it is easy to just think about money, however the idea should be to increase the wealth of your business. The definition of wealth, capital, and value has forever changed. Money is no longer the only currency nor is the valuation of a company the only measure of wealth. Beyond financial value, entrepreneurs need to create ‘wealth’ with knowledge, sustainable assets, and social impact. These factors create a depth in your company which attracts customers and gives you and your employees a backbone to rely on.


There is always time for self-reflection for an entrepreneur. You should look for the right qualities which will garner greater chances of success and growing as a person. An entrepreneur is a leader, a pioneer of his times, who has the uniqueness and tenacity to take on the world. There is no exact formula to it, but keeping a few things in mind could help you recognize yourself, these are:


  • Personality: in terms of possessing resilience, tenacity, opportunity spotting, and risk taking.
  • Attitude: having awareness of the importance of customer focus, the application of creativity and imagination, defined personal standards and values, the perception of enterprise as a positive activity.
  • Skills: such as the ability to network, to think strategically, to gain access to resources, business knowledge and acumen, interpersonal skills and people management capabilities.
  • Motivation: personal drive and ambition, the desire to make an impact, the need for achievement or self-satisfaction, a desire for status, to create and accumulate wealth, and social responsibility.


The world has changed today, it will not wait for you to catch up. You have to take it by the scruff, look it in the eye and make your mark.