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Mattwes Portfolio

Creative Direction • Information Architecture • UX design • Visual design


Imagine starting your own creative agency after 2 decades in the field, (that company by the way is Fermented Pixels, the website you’re looking at right now).

How do we show what we are capable of?

A catch-22, because with no portfolio it’s tough to get work, and with no work, it’s tough to build a portfolio.

Hmm…What to do?


What if I use my own portfolio as a portfolio piece for the new portfolio.

Wait, what?

With 20 years of experience, I helped develop some fantastic work. In fact, the same great tech team that’s now with Fermented Pixels developed all the work in my portfolio site.

I invite you to take a look at mattwes.com, showcasing my personal portfolio.


I’m Matt Carman, the Founder & Chief Creative Officer here at Fermented Pixels and this is my personal portfolio.

You can trust we’ll bring our decades of experience and creativity because we have a great team here at FP.

If you want your website to be special, Fermented Pixels guarantees dream results.

More Work

Check out our further projects.

Welcome to the portfolio of Fermented Pixels’ Chief Creative Officer


* Please note none of the work on mattwes.com was not done under Fermented Pixels LLC

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