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Fractal Academy

Brand Messaging • Information Architecture • UX/UI Design • Development


Fractal Science & Math Academy came to us with a mission: redesign their website and revitalize their brand.

After speaking with them, we learned that Fractal Academy already had quite a reputation as one of the premier tutoring facilities in New York & New Jersey.

So, Fractal Academy’s new site needed to be innovative and speak to its highly intellectual clientele.

And that’s just what we did!


Together, Fermented Pixels concocted a clean, bold, and modern design, while utilizing cutting-edge coding techniques.

We knew the website should be professional and scholarly, but also have a powerful online presence.

It needed advanced technical coding techniques with brand messaging that spoke directly to Fractal Academy’s customer demographic.


Our solution is a bespoke website, custom and responsive that looks great on all platforms and devices.

Our design added flair while maintaining an approachable and intuitive website.

By maximizing headline visibility throughout the site, Fermented Pixels crafted a powerful web design that helped communicate more effectively to Fractal Academy’s audience.

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